Add 2local to your Trustwallet

  1. Login with with your credentials on

2. Click on your private key.

3. Enter your password and press “Continue”

4. Now you get a small box with your private key. (Don’t share your private key with anyone)

The private key you see on this picture is fake.

5. Now go to the App store (iPhone) or Play store (Android) and search for Trustwallet and install it.

6. Now you open the Trust Wallet app and click on “I already have a wallet”

7. Accept the terms and press continue.

8. Now you will have to press on “Smart Chain”

9. Press on “Private key” in the above shown tabs.

10. Enter your “Private Key” and press on “Import”

11. Congratulations, you have succesfully imported your 2local Private key into your TrustWallet

12. Hey? I dont see 2local only Smart Chain coin. Follow the next steps!

13. Click on the top right symbol of your screen in the TrustWallet App

14. Click on “Add Custom Token”

15. Enter the following details:

  • Contract adres: 0x11f6ecc9e2658627e0876212f1078b9f84d3196e
  • Name: 2local
  • Symbol: 2LC
  • Decimals: 18

16. When you have succesfully entered all the details as given above press on “DONE” in the top right corner.

17. Congratulations, you have succesfully added 2LC to your Trustwallet and are ready to receive or send 2LC Tokens.